Ferrari World: The Key Part of Every Great Vacation in UAE

Whether you want to have a vacation in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or any other emirate of the UAE, no vacation is complete without a trip to the Ferrari world, the most thrilling themed park in the world. From thrilling formula race car ride to the indulgence at a variety of figure licking dishes, a trip to Ferrari world adds more exciting colors to your UAE vacation experience.

Abu Dhabi Ferrari World

Let us explore through what are here at the world largest Ferrari theme park…

Rides and Attractions at the Ferrari World

Tickle the happy mood at Ferrari World with loads of rides and attractions for everyone. Traveling in family or alone? There is something best for everyone to have a wonderful experience. From the intense G-force of world-class roller-coasters, kart race, to lap times in the state of the art simulator.

A Great Dining Experience

 From fast fueling for your hungry little champions to extravagant luxury dining experience, there are loads of dinging choices to choose from. The park boasts of some of the world’s finest restaurants offering a whole grand range of mouthwatering cuisines. Also, you can explore several local flavors to have a wonderful gastronomical experience.

Sea of Shopping Options

The park features world’s largest Ferrari retail space and an impressive collection of branded products and memorabilia.  You can explore from a fun toy to a wide range of sleek Italian fashion and accessories to make your Ferrari trip a memorable experience.

Shows and Events

 After a tiresome shopping, you can get entertained and amazed by inspiring shows featuring acrobats, gravity-defying stunts, our lovable characters and more. You can also enjoy watching the drama unfold while getting to down to the history to learn how the Ferrari brand emerged.


At the Ferrari theme park, you can also enjoy the live concerts and DJ performing lives and other seasonal events. No matter when you visit the park, you will get a chance to watch performances by world champion ice skaters, Bollywood dancers, stunning light shows, live DJ sets and much more.


Choose Ferrari world tour package

The best way to make the most out of a trip to Ferrari world is to get choose a Ferrari world tour package. You do not want to waste your time around things like booking tickets for a roller coaster ride, book a table at a restaurant to dine, or get a taxi to reach to the theme park.

There are many tour companies that allow you to choose from a variety of Ferrari world tour packages. Choose the one according to your needs. Each package has different offers. For example, while some Ferrari world tour packages may include a ride of roller coaster, a Ferrari car ride, live concert, some include everything right from the traveling to the park, tickets to events and shows, some meals, and ferrying you back to your hotel.

To sum up, a trip to Ferrari world is an exciting experience, but you should look into a Ferrari word tour package to see what you are offered before you decide to buy it.