Get an Enjoyable and Memorable Trip in Abu Dhabi

A half day tour to Abu Dhabi these days is not boring or dull at all. With numerous attractions and activities, you can make an affordable, enjoyable and memorable trip for sure. Abu Dhabi is considered the dream capital of the Middle East. Here, you can admire the high-tech projects, modernity and of course the tradition.

Desert Safari Fun

To make the most of your stay in Abu Dhabi, you should reach out the tour operators to explore and to get involved in adventures. A typical Abu Dhabi city tours with an organizer will make a lifetime experience for you. You will be able to visit the Heritage Village and the magnificent Sheikh Zayed Mosque. You will be driven along the stylish Corniche which is a stretch of manicured beach promenade, restaurants, and the cafes.

Once you surrender the serenity of the landscape, you love Abu Dhabi for the different surprises that it offers. To begin with, there is a desert safari and the best time to enjoy it is in the night. You will be taken across the sands on a 4 by 4 vehicle where you can view the amazing sunset and then get to enjoy the scrumptious dinner around the campfire.

What you can expect;

  • The enjoyment that takes place peacefully away from the hustle of the city.
  • Free hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • All the entrance fees are included in the package.

The night tour begins in the afternoon. This means you have some hours earlier to check out other cool activities in the city. A tour organizer will pick you at 3 pm from the hotel where first you go straight to the ride in the desert. A sand boarding option is also included in the overnight desert safari tours in Abu Dhabi. As a part of the overnight stay, you will be accommodated in a Bedouin camp.

When on your own, you can venture out to other cool places. How about a visit to the Corniche? Perhaps, the most delightful part of Abu Dhabi City Tour will be going to Corniche. Here, you can choose a good vantage point where you can sip tea and enjoy watching boats going up and down in the marina nearby.

Then, you can move on to the beaches. You can relax on the sand for few minutes. After that, for a nominal fee, you can spend your free time reading a book on the stretch of coastline. Or else you can indulge in playing volleyball if you are feeling active. A popular spot that can visit is the Family Garden that runs along the walkaway and is home to many green spaces that makes for a nice stroll in the surroundings.

Suppose you want to explore the area on land, you should board the open-bus tour. You have the option to hop on and off the bus at different points. The bus will take you to the City Centre, and make a stop at the Marina Mall. The Marina Mall is a splendid place to be in. You can visit the leisure complex where you can go bowling, watch a film or even get entertained by the musical fountains.

Sightseeing Tours to Visit all the Magnificent Spots of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the exciting tourist destination and one of the holiday hot spots. The rising popularity of the city is the clear evidence that the place is attracting tourists all around the world. Dubai has some of the tallest towers and mind-boggling architectures. The high-rises and shopping malls of the city have transformed the place into a desert paradise. One can get all the flavors of a modern city at the same location with some of the famous sightseeing attractions. The city also had a glorious history; glimpses of which can be seen at different locations. Abu Dhabi sightseeing tour package will be ideal to explore the place as it will provide variant options to have a close look at the different attractions of the place.

Abu Dhabi Marina Dhow

Are you fond of shopping and like to shop at top destinations around the world? Abu Dhabi is the place you shouldn’t miss out. The place has some of the best malls and shopping sites hosting all the top brands in the world. That’s the reason we are emphasizing the fact that the place has everything needed to make your journey a memorable experience. Abu Dhabi is full of cultural highlights and sightseeing options for the entire family. Spend some time on each spot and take back some glorious memories at the end of the journey. A tour package will be the ideal deal to explore all the important destinations of Abu Dhabi.

Here is list of the top sightseeing picturesque that you cannot miss –

Corniche Beach – It is an internationally renowned beach which was awarded a coveted Blue Flag status

Yas Beach – The Beach has many exciting clubs to relax and spend some wonderful time

Emirates Park Zoo – This park is in the Al Bahia region with best views of a wildlife

Sheikh Khalifa Park – One of the top attractions and most visited places in Abu Dhabi

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque – It is the largest mosque in UAE

The Emirates Palace – This 7-star luxury hotel is a popular landmark of the city

Abu Dhabi tour can be the most exciting tour you have been to, but be careful while choosing the tour company & package. A good tour package will facilitate all the wonders of the place and ensure full entertainment. The itineraries provided alongside the tour package will have a lasting effect on the tourists. Most tour companies provide a personal guide with a driver for all most of the stay in the city. The tourist can avail a luxury ride with a multilingual guide who will assist with the descriptive details of the place.

Holiday Packages in Abu Dhabi – For A Memorable Vacation

Abu Dhabi conjures up images of vast opulent high-rise hotels, gigantic shopping malls, flashy business districts and so on. There is much more to this city that pulls the visitors from all across the globe to its attractions. Whether you want to head out to one of the hotels closer to the desert or just want to be in the hub of the city in one of the coastal hotels, there are brilliant offers to be found in this capital city of UAE. So, do consider a stay in this fascinating city, choose for an holiday package and enjoy some of the unique activities on offer.

Abu Dhabi Marina Dhow

There are many tour operators that help you book Abu Dhabi holiday packages that include a guided overnight tour in the desert. So be sure to book the best kind of holiday package that includes the most of your interests.

Attractions of Abu Dhabi –

Abu Dhabi has something for every unique taste. If you are the one whose interests seed in an incredibly Arabic experience, head into desert. For enjoying such time, you can book an overnight camping trip and behold some huge sand dunes along with enjoying traditional cuisine beneath the blanket of stars. This will provide you with a luminous insight into Bedouin culture with an opportunity to try Arabian coffee and shisha pipes in a huge tent. Be sure to ride back in a desert buggy the next morning.

Abu Dhabi is known for many things; being a historic city is not only the attractions. There are also some fascinating sites behind the towering high-rise buildings. Don’t miss to visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque for having an interesting insight into the national religion. This huge mosque is open to everyone. So be sure not to forget beholding it.

If your interests rest neither in historical appeal nor in desert peace and you wish trying something different in the evening, consider taking a trip to camel racing. Don’t leave without taking a bet!

Going beyond the camel racing and sand dune basking, if you are looking for a fun evening that can aid you see the sights of the city while enjoying the adventures activity, consider booking on the night river cruises. To enjoy some authentic Arabian delights, be sure to book the dinner cruise. By booking a dinner cruise in the capital city of UAE, you can sail along the river whilst enjoying live music and dancing. Cruising down the river whilst beholding the illuminated city will be a spectacular site. It will definitely make your Abu Dhabi trip worthwhile.

Summing Up –

If you are a vacationer who is looking for making a memorable yet cheap holiday in a unique destination, consider booking Abu Dhabi holiday packages!

A Short Travel Guide for Abu Dhabi

One of the most modern cities in the world, Abu Dhabi is the capital city of United Arab Emirates. Home to over one million people and also home to abundant oil and gas companies, Abu Dhabi is a popular destination among transit travelers and business travelers.

Abu Dhabi Travel Guide

The massive skyline of Abu Dhabi is stunning and more sparkling in the night than ever. The city is filled with parks and green boulevards for picturesque beauty and relaxing. Hit numerous lavish shops for awesome shopping sprees. Hotel chains are scattered all around the city where luxury and comfort is the key.

Visit Abu Dhabi for a luxury holiday or a relaxing vacation with your families and friends. Indulgence is an unforgettable experience from hospitality to cuisines and much more to explore.

Though the city lacks the touch of historical and cultural sights, the little attractions are worth visiting. Begin with the sixth largest mosque in the world shinning like a white palace with shimmering minarets. Abu Dhabi Mosque tour lets you catch a glimpse of the largest mosque in the country – Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

Corniche is another interesting place to be amidst the crowds. It is Abu Dhabi’s waterfront stretching miles coupled with fun. Take your families and take a ride at go-carting, playgrounds, the sandy beaches and ample stage for live shows and music. Enjoy a walk with your loved ones, ride on go-carts and finally end up at the Marina Shopping Mall for a fantastic shopping session.

Khalifa Park is a family based center with a museum, train, garden and an aquarium on its own. Costing over $50 million, the park is one of the best in the country and loved by many. Visit Khalifa Park for an entertaining train ride, kill time at the museum and relax at the garden. Abu Dhabi is a city for those people who love adventure too. Though there aren’t jungle safaris, the city presents you with desert safaris. They are fun and one of a kind for the first-timers. The Desert Safari features a camel riding, adrenaline pumping drive on the dunes, belly dancing, and a scrumptious Arabian buffet. Experience the beauty from a bird eye view in a helicopter ride. Get on board at this luxurious six-seat helicopter for scenic sights of the entire city of Abu Dhabi.

The city is ideal for shopaholics. Drop into the Al Wahda Mall shop at high-end stores and eat at one of the biggest food courts. Khalidiya Mall is also a place to shop and shop till you drop. Marina Mall and Abu Dhabi Mall are also crowded shopping malls in the city.

The city is also home to a range of restaurants both budget and splurge. Arabian Palace, Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant, Rodeo Grill, Al Safadi, Prego’s, Zen and Blue Grill are known places for a delectable meal.

Visit Abu Dhabi with your families and loved ones for an awesome time. Make it an everlasting experience in Abu Dhabi with one of a kind experience and sightseeing.

A Unique Holiday Experience in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a wonderful place for your vacations in the Middle East. Thousands of visitors flock Abu Dhabi each year-round from all parts of the globe. Abu Dhabi offers large gardens and parks, green boulevards lining all the streets and roads, and sophisticated high-rise buildings. It is a unique destination where luxury and style are infused with the traditional values of hospitality and respect. With sunny weather, tranquil beaches, lush oases, a vibrant city life, as well the mixture of culture and traditions ensures a congruent coming together, which results in the creation of a holiday experience and lifestyle unlike any other.

Abu Dhabi Holiday

Many people are largely unaware of the fact that Abu Dhabi emirate is, in fact, archipelagic, meaning that nearly 200 islands are strewn along its coastline. Accordingly, ‘island-hopping’ is a popular pastime among the more affluent residents (who have boats) and even for non-boat owners, where public transportation is available.

There are various private tour operators, which also offer similar island-hopping services. Due to the fact that some islands are currently undergoing major development, access may be limited for some time. It is advisable to check with your local tour operator for more information on which islands are accessible at present, and which are not.

The vast number of islands which are available to tourists and the locals in Abu Dhabi are excellent destination choices. The following Islands can be visited and enjoyed at length:

  • Lulu Island: perfect for short weekend trips, this large man-made island is situated directly opposite the Corniche and is accessible by boat. Visitors are free to take a dip in the pools or beaches and then enjoy a treat from a couple of restaurants, coffee shops and cafeterias on the island.
  • Saadiyat Island: Located to the east of the Corniche, this island is being transformed into a luxury leisure and cultural destination. This island boasts a massive, multi-billion dollar development project that includes world-class entertainment centers, museums, resorts, upscale residences and business centers are currently being built on the natural island.”
  • Al Futaisi Island: The perfect bird spotter’s paradise, and situated only five kilometers south of Abu Dhabi city, this island offers a range of activities such as nature trips via a local bus tour or through bicycles. There is also a well-kept stable on the island which houses purebred Arabian horses as well as camels, which can take visitors for rides.

These are just a few of the 200 islands one can visit when in Abu Dhabi. You can plan your holidays to the Middle East anytime of the year and experience the magical charm of this part of the world. The holiday packages to the Middle East are available throughout the year. There are many travel websites who organize the holiday packages. You can select your own Abu Dhabi holiday packages according to your time and budget.

A Visit to the Abu Dhabi Mosque Will Be an Exciting Experience

Abu Dhabi is one of the top destinations in UAE and is home to modern towers & shopping destinations. Every year thousands of visitors are arriving at the Emirate to explore the beauty and culture of the place. Abu Dhabi is the holiday destination for people looking to explore middle –eastern beauty and civilization. Over the last few decide the place has modernized is appearance and it is rated as the top touring destinations in the world.

abudhabi mosque tour

Out of the many attractions of the place, the most intruding structure is Abu Dhabi Mosque. It is the key site of worship in the country and its original name is Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It is the third largest mosque and is named after the founder & first President of the UAE. It is now the prominent place for Islamic Science and the monument consolidates Islamic culture. It was constructed over a period of 12 years and the construction commended in 1996. If you are in Abu Dhabi or planning to visit the place then make sure that you do visit the place.

Let us now look at some of the most interesting facts about Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque–

  • The mosque was completed in 2008 after 12 years of hard work and dedication. More than 3500 workers took part in the construction and it is made of materials like gold, marble, stone, and crystals.
  • Its measure is 960ft x 1,380ft which is approximately around 30 acres. It is also the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates.
  • The carpet in the main prayer hall measures around 67,570 square feet and weight around 35 tonnes. It is the largest single piece of handmade carpet in the world.
  • The mosque contains seven chandeliers, each of which is made up of millions of Swarovski crystals. There are also 96 marble pillars in the main prayer hall.
  • There are strict dress codes for entry to the mosque. Women should be completely covered with long sleeves to the wrist, trousers, a scarf to cover the head, and a long skirt.

Abu Dhabi Mosque tour is the tour that you can’t afford to miss. The place will provide details about the culture and civilization of the place. The mosque is open for prayers for the whole day. For non-Muslim visitors, the visit timing is from 9 am – 10 am every day except the Friday mornings. If you are booking the tour with any tour company then make sure they include a visit to the mosque. The courtyard has a total of 1,048 columns and it has the total 82 domes.


Ask yourself if you’re facing the prospect of another week at work, and the same old, then why not do something about it? Possibly, you should take some time off work and get away to replenish the energy in you. You need a break from work once in a while. Why not delegate your workload, or see if anybody even notices that you’re not there?

abudhabi mosque

Go on a tour and do things you have never done before

You desire some sun, and just don’t get enough of it from sitting in an office. Are you planning to treat yourself to a beach holiday somewhere? You’re fed up of seeing the same walls at work, and at home, and want a change of scenery. I have an answer for you. Visit Abu Dhabi! You want the chance to do something different, the sort of thing you can only do on holiday. You might want to explore somewhere new, that you haven’t been to before, or that people are all talking about. You can go on a mosque tour in Abu Dhabi.

The shopping centers and the places of recreation

You might have heard about the sky kissing buildings of Abu Dhabi. Its renowned shopping centers, the restaurants, but the tour of mosques is really interesting. It resonates the wire of your heart and suddenly puts you in front of the lovely, ancient yet mysterious culture of the Arab world. Perennial sunshine, immaculate beaches, remarkable sand dunes and a bubbly cosmopolitan lifestyle await every holidaymaker in Abu Dhabi. Feel the unparalleled Arabian hospitality and top-notch infrastructure.  Abu Dhabi is a delightful destination for experienced and novice travelers.

Ritzy high-rises, broad boulevards, awe-inspiring apartment buildings and spectacular shopping centers are the hallmarks of this affluent city. But the city’s fascinating culture and intriguing heritage pierces all the glitz and glamour, reaches the guest and amaze them. A holiday to Abu Dhabi is an experience that is sure to linger on with you as long as you live. Middle East has been known for its fascination for weaving intricate patterns on carpets. You can visit these breathtakingly beautiful designs are found at Middle East’s textile hub, the Carpet Souk in Abu Dhabi.

You can visit many mosques to witness the religious beauty of Islam

 Not all mosques are opened for the non Muslims, but there are many mosques which can be visited by the non Muslims. We all are well acquainted with the riches of UAE and the beauty of the mosques will prove that. These mosques are the paragon of the religious beauty and brotherhood and the perfect specimen of the engineering.

 Mosques here are built by the best engineer of the world and you will agree with my words when you encounter them. Islam is the most beautiful religion of the world. We all know that Islamic architecture is flourished in the large swath of the Middle East and Africa. You witness here the attractive, classical Islamic building architecture.