From the grand mosque of Sheikh Zayed an epitome of architectural marvel, Yas Wonderland a place best known for fun, pleasure, and photography to Heritage village telling the story of traditional desert life, Abu Dhabi, one of the Emirates of the UAE, has a number of exciting things for tourists. Every minute you spend here in Abu Dhabi is well spent. The best moment of your life! Planning a vacation? We have picked for you some of the top tourist attractions across Abu Dhabi.


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

A great example of architectural marvel!

Inspired by the design from Morocco and beautifully exuding Islamic traditions and cultures, this grand mosque easily grabs the place in the list of best tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi. Built using the white marble, mosaic tilling and colored glass, the mosque has the capacity to accommodate as many as 40,000 worshippers. Even people from non-Islamic religion can visit the mosque. They can walk throughout the mosque and have a photo taken. To make most of your time spent here, you can take a guided tour which is available at the mosque.

Kayaking in the Mangroves

An exciting way to have a respite from scorching heat!

Due to desert weather, mid of the day becomes difficult for tourists, particularly for those from countries with cold climate. Kayaking in the Mangroves is a great way to beat the heat while you get a chance to soak yourself in an array of fun and recreational activities.

There are two launching points. Choose the one that suits you to kick start exploring all the channels and coves that the Mangroves have to offer. Kayaking gives you a combination of relaxing, adventurous, calming experience.

Yas Waterworld

A home of non-stop fun!

From an array of rides, slides, and various attractions, the fun and pleasure here never stop. Every minute you spend here will be a great experience in your life. Yas Waterworld is a great choice for a family outing.

Heritage Village

A glimpse into the life before oil revolution!

Renovated Bedouin Oasis Village gives you a glimpse into life before modern development. Visit Heritage village to know about the traditions and culture of the time when Abu Dhabi was unknown to its oil resource. If knowing the old traditions and culture excites you it is the place worth visiting for you.

Al-Hosn Palace

A center for research and documentation on the history and heritage!

Built in 1793 Al-Hosn Palace is the oldest building in Abu Dhabi. It is also called the white fort, which was once the residence of Al Nahyan family who ruled the place until 1966.

Now it is the hub of research and documentary on history and heritage.

Emirates Palace Hotel

A heritage of Abu Dhabi!

Everyone fantasizes royal life. Though it is rare today, you can have the experience of getting treated in royal style. This heritage hotel of Abu Dhabi offers a variety of royal treatments to visitors. You can book accommodation, though it is an expensive idea. Or just get there to enjoy an afternoon tea where you are treated to an afternoon of palatial elegance whilst taking in your extravagant surroundings.

Yas Marina Circuit

A hub for sporting and entertainment experience!

Home to the Abu Dhabi leg of the Formula 1 Championship, Yas Marina Circuit is a perfect place to visit for sports enthusiasts. There are many sports, events, and activities throughout the year. So you won’t get let down even you are visiting on other than the day of Formula 1 Championship.

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