From Ferrari World Tour to Boat tour to Yas Waterworld, the city boasts of a number of tourist attractions. And to explore all them, you should have more time and budget should not a worry for you. If that is not the case, you should plan your vacation, making a list of things you would love to do and places worth visiting for you. To make it easy for you, we have chosen some of the top attractions for tourists in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Travel Guide

Check them all while we will look into what is best about each of them.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

A perfect example of ancient architectural marvel!

If you have even a bit of love for ancient architectural excellence, this is the place you should visit. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is, of course, one of the top tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi, pleasing them with its incredible charm. What religion you belong to is of no sense. You will surely have a wonderful experience visiting this mosque brimming with architectural charm in all perspective. Form landscaping to the interior, every part of this grand mosque reflects architectural excellence.

Kayaking in the Mangroves

A treasure trove of pleasure!

To add more glitters to your vacation, you should stroll to the mangroves forest in the coastal part of the city.  Morning and afternoon is the best time for kayaking. It is the best way to beat the heat this city of sand has while you get soaked in the fun and pleasure activities. It would be a good choice for you if you want to have a wonderful time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Yas Waterworld

A pleasurland for all!

A place with something best for everyone! Also, it may be the favorite place for your kids. Traveling with your family? You are surely going to enjoy every moment you spend here to the best. The park opens 10:00 to 18:00 in the winter and 10:00 until 20:00 in the summer

Heritage Village

A way to look at the traditional lifestyle in the dessert!

Heritage Village is one of the best places for the whole family. It gives you an opportunity to learn about the traditional way of life in the desert. Also, you will get a chance to learn about agricultural and pearl diving techniques used by locals from the ancient time.

In addition to that, to keep you entertained there are many attractions and exhibits such as pottery and metal workshops, carpet weaving displays, a campfire, a falaj irrigation system and even a spice shop.

Yas Marina Circuit

A hub for a great sporting and entertainment experience

It is the home to the Abu Dhabi leg of the Formula 1 Championship. Today, Yas Marina Circuit has turned to be a hub for sporting and entertainment experiences.

You can visit the place any day as it has a host of activities and events organized at Yas Marina Circuit round the year.

Another place for sports enthusiasts is Al Forsan International Sports Resort that allows tourists to enjoy a lot of sporting activities and events.

Emirates National Auto Museum

A place for those whole love everything vintage!

If you love vintage items plus you have a great liking for old makes of vehicles, you must visit this auto museum. It gives you a chance to explore through different types of vehicles used a long ago from now.

These are our picks of the top tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi. The list of best attractions for tourists in Abu Dhabi is far long, and so you should make your own list before embarking on a trip to this Emirate city, Abu Dhabi.

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